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The Breaking Barriers Experience

I am truly passionate about equipping and empowering beautiful, smart, and successful women to be just as successful in love as they are in business. As a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator, I deliver inspiring informative, practical, and, most important, relatable stories and information to transform women’s lives.

Breaking Barriers – my most recent speaking experience that I deliver. The Breaking Barriers Experience is focused on teaching strategies for overcoming the barriers that’s keeping you from being successful in life and in love. This incredible session can be customized for maximum impact with your particular audience.

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Breaking Barriers: Teen Edition

This teaching experience is specifically designed for teen girls between the ages of 12 to 18. In a world with so many mixed messages through music, videos, and social media, young girls have started to develop unhealthy and distorted views of relationships. This Breaking Barriers experience is focused on teaching girls the tools they need to create healthy personal relationships and restore their confidence in who they are and who they were created to be.

Engineering Your Faith After Losing Your Relationship

Based on my Best Selling Book: Engineering Faith

No man is an island. We were not created to exist in life without meaningful relationships. But what do you do when one or more of those relationships fail, disappear, and cease to exist? During this season, participants will walk away with:

  • The tools to heal from heartbreak
  • Techniques to apply faith in a practical manner during the healing process
  • The confidence to move forward and create new, meaningful relationships

Successful In Business, But Failing In Life

Do you feel successful in your job or career? But, you feel that your personal life is falling apart? You are not alone. Thousands, if not millions of women around the world suffer in silence, feel like failures, and are on the verge of giving up. In this session, participants will learn:

  • The importance of setting boundaries and HOW to stick with them
  • How to use the same tools that made you successful in business and create successful relationships
  • How to have more control over your own life – in the office and outside the office

Where I’ve spoken

Girl Scouts, Topic: Engineering Your Success

Divas Day 2016: Topic – Overcoming Disappointments

Windsor Village United Methodist Church: Youth Program

St. Philip’s Lutheran Church, Singles Conference – Topic: Engineering Faith for Singles

Landis Elementary School, Ladies of Distinction Keynote Speaker – Topic: Engineering Your Success

Life Changing Conference – Topic: Engineering Success

Wealthy Sisters Network – Topic: Engineering Faith

Wealthy Sisters Network – Topic: Engineering Success

Nzuri Natural Hair Show Topic: Overcoming Disappointments


Rapha Villiage Church- Graduation Program – Topic: Engineering Success