A few years ago, I was what most people would call “successful.”

I’d broken into the male-dominated world of electrical engineering to hit glass ceiling after glass ceiling. In the eyes of the powers that be, I was just another pretty face that only got my foot in the door with the help of affirmative action.

So how did I respond to all of this? I made it my mission to love my job and reach success no matter what. I hustled my way into leadership positions and earned the respect of even the most prejudiced higher-ups, and found myself achieving what other people call “success.”

I was married. I had a secure, high-paying job as an electrical engineer. I had all of the nice and expensive things that everyone uses to measure how successful they are…

But it was all an illusion.

My marriage was heading toward divorce faster than I could think.

My job was unfulfilling and sucking the life out of me.

My spirit was wilting and I was struggling to grasp the concepts of God and faith.

My health was getting worse by the day, and I couldn’t even enjoy all of the things I had.

I was scared, lost and confused, and my grip on my life was slipping, but you’d never know from the outside.

I read every self-help book, took every course and program, and attended every sermon and seminar there was to try to regain some control and put the pieces of my life back together, but they all said the same thing:

Just have faith.

It’ll all work out, just believe.

Faith will get you through.

No matter how they said it, every teacher, minister, and guru gave the same old advice… Have faith.

Problem was, I already had faith. If faith alone would solve all of my problems, why hadn’t it?


The first breakthrough piece of advice I received didn’t come from an author, a teacher, or an “expert,” but from a close friend who turned out to be wiser than them all… She looked at me one day and said,

“You have to make a choice.”

Aha… There it was!

Instead of simply having faith and putting my trust in powers outside of myself, I had to give myself the power and choose my own path and make my own decisions.

I decided to leave my unhealthy marriage.

I decided to unlearn my fearful, limiting beliefs, and redefine what God was to me.

I decided to open myself up to all of the positivity and goodness life had to offer me.

The moment I started making these decisions, my life started to change.

The confusion I felt gave way to confidence that I was on the right track again. I started to see for myself how God and faith worked in my life and in my relationships, and I began to enjoy life on a level I never knew existed.

And that is why I do what I do.

I’ve been there. I’ve gone through the heartbreaks. I’ve felt the disappointment and hopelessness. I’ve been through your struggles, I’ve felt your pain, and I’ve been just as stuck as you are.

And I’m here, on the other side, telling you it can get so much better.

I can help you get unstuck. I can help you do the work to break free from your past and start living the life you dream of today… With an even bigger love and excitement for my tomorrow.

If you’re ready to have more peace, happiness, a stronger sense of worthiness and hope in relationships, then I am ready for YOU. Let’s take this journey together!

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See you on the other side!