Why Are Women Joining the Date To Win Class??

You're ready to date again. But this time... you want a man who's worthy of an incredible woman like you! An amazing man who gives you the finest love - a man who appreciates you, respects you, accepts you and makes plans to be with you for a lifetime.

You're the type of woman who wants more than a "good time" with a good man. You want a God fearing man who can pray for you, uplift you, protect you, provide for you and erase every doubt, every tear and every heartbreak every other man has given you!!

If you're serious about improving your ability to attract these men... I urge you to read every word of this message.

  1. It’s not enough to believe that Good Men Exist. You must get out of the house and go to the right places
  2. It’s not enough to believe that you are a good woman. You must become the RIGHT woman for the RIGHT man
  3. And it’s not enough to believe you deserve a loving, faithful relationship. You must build up your confidence & stop hiding behind insecurities, resentments, fears, and disappointments from the past. 

Date To Win

I have a good idea of who you are. You're a woman who's given 100% of yourself to a relationship that hasn't worked well, and you're not quite sure of how to open up again - But if there was a way you would restore your trust, confidence in men, you would be open to dating again. How do I know?

Over 5,000 women have joined my mailing list for advice and I've coached HUNDREDS of women across the globe to begin dating again and reclaiming their life. And if you want to know how to attract the man God has for you, keep reading. This will change everything.

You've probably been with men who lied to you, been intimidated by your success, and rejected you for superficial reasons. Especially the men who pretend to be "God loving" But in the end... only want you for SEX! 

I get it. It's easy to believe good men don't exist anymore. As time goes on, you think... "ahh, maybe I'll never find *the one*" You watch friends get married and have the time of their life --- but deep down you wonder... "WHEN WILL IT BE MY TURN?"

I know you still want to be in a loving, fulfilling, and monogamous relationship. But you’re scared to give love a try again. Your heart can only take so much heartbreak and disappointment. The secret that 95% of women don't know is this: 

God doesn’t give us any desires that he doesn’t plan on fulfilling. But we have to be brave enough to step outside of our comfort zone and get back in the game. And get ready to receive the promise God has for us. You can't RECEIVE what you're not READY For!!

P.S. Your time is valuable. And so is your heart. Before you give another man your TIME... isn't it worth it to discover new ways to date and attract the right man? This little $19 investment might be exactly what you need to avoid another mistake OR get one step closer to having the man of your dreams. Get it now, while it's at this discount price!

Some women won't invest in themselves... but they'll spend THOUSANDS on a MAN!! They say "Oh no... I'd never pay for a dating class. I can learn everything I need in the Bible, Books or Church." True. But you don't learn how to put on makeup in the Bible, or scramble eggs OR perform the job that pays your bills. 

Smart women always improve themselves! Besides... how much did you pay for the last date? Was it FREE? Absolutely not. It cost you time, an outfit, makeup, and more importantly ENERGY. Maybe even heartache! Not to mention your energy... 

Listen... you don't need a DEGREE in LOVE - but a class won't help. I'll give you a full audio course, e-book AND workbook designed to help you DATE higher quality men, LOVE the process and restore your confidence to ATTRACT the man God has for you. 


God says all things are possible to those who believe. But he also said faith without works is dead.

I love God! I love my church! I love everything I've learned... but what they don’t teach us in church is the actual work where the road meets the rubber. What do I mean? 

God had a promise for me, but I had to do the work! I had to prepare myself as a woman for the man that God prepared for me.  


What 95% of Women Don't Know About Finding
True Love & Attracting The One God Has For You

You have to do the work. The same work that I have done to get back into dating and find the love of my life. Why is this necessary? Because, without doing the work you don't even have a CHANCE to receive what you desire. 

You can still WANT it. You can crave it and even complain about it. But it's like a mailbox... with the LID CLOSED!! No matter how many good things God are coming, you'll NEVER get them because the mailbox isn't open. 

I've  packaging all of the knowledge, insights, and action plan into one easy program called:

I Thought I Married the Man of My Dreams...
Until He LIED, Cheated and Manipulated Me

Unlike your TRADITIONAL relationship advice, and advice you get from your "girls" or even your family... this is about getting back in the game. Don't jump to step 3 before you finish step 1. Getting your confidence back, restoring your hope, restoring your desire, rejuvenating your belief. Letting go of the hurts, healing the wounds and mentally and spiritually opening up again. 

Just like that mailbox... if it's JAMMED - it can't receive. Maybe there's too much stuff inside the mailbox, so it's jammed shut. Or maybe, it hasn't been opened in such a long time it's rusty - the time and weather has SEALED it shut. Now, we need to get it ready so we can receive the mail. 

In this thrilling online class, you’ll be guided to REBUILD your self love, strengthen your confidence so you can begin attracting higher quality men that will lead you to Mr. Right. THOUSANDS of women are already taking my online classes!! 

I didn't think I'd EVER open up to a man again. But I discovered how to heal my hurts and get God's promise. I want to show you HOW to do it! But first, let me share my story. 

I know a lot of women want to GET married... but I WAS married. I thought I found the man of my dreams. I did everything a good woman and wife was supposed to do. I loved him. I prayed over him and for him. I made sure our house was a home. I did everything I could to make his life easier. What did I get in return? Lies. Manipulation. Cheating.

I felt like a FOOL! Not only was I mad at myself and mad at him... but I felt guilty! Like I failed God! You know.. "God hates divorce." It was embarrassing... feeling like another failed Christian statistic. Why am I telling you this? I did EVERYTHING RIGHT!!! 

I read the same Bible you read! I listened to my Pastor just like you! Proverbs 31? I memorized it! I made myself the woman of his dreams - inside AND out! But it FAILED! So I gave up. 

Not because I didn’t want to get hurt again. Because, I believed men are immature and selfish – only seeking to get, never to give. Men will always have a problem with a woman making more money than him.  I was convinced that men were master manipulators. They know how to pretend to love God, be a gentleman, and love their woman – until they get what they really wanted . . . sex!

But there was this tug inside my heart that constantly reminded me that I deserved to be loved by the man that God created for me. And I believed that. I believed that I deserved to experience the love of my life. But my reality didn’t match what God promised me.

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