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We have been taught from a young age that in order to succeed at anything in life, we must hustle & grind to make that happen. If that was true, then why don't we have more success to show for all of the "hustle & grind?" Download this free eBook to discover how you can begin to experience success in all areas of life & love. 

“Be true to yourself. Be true to who you are and to what you want out of life.

There is only one you and only one life to live. Live Fearlessly. Seek Peace. Be Passionate. Live Fully.” –Sherica A. Matthews

Overcoming The Past
If you have unresolved hurt, anger, unforgiveness, and disappointments, you may be feeling stuck and unable to enjoy your present life or move towards your future. I can help you achieve freedom from your past and help you create a clear path toward the life and love you truly desire.
For those who recognize that your spirituality has a direct impact on the kinds of relationship that you bring into your life, I help you align your spiritual beliefs with your desires for your life and love.
It is normal and healthy for relationships to experience challenges along the way. But when those challenges threaten to end the relationship and you are left with a decision to make, I step in to help you sort through the chaos, examine all of your options, and create a clear path towards the best decision for you and your relationship.
Dating can be quite challenging to say the least, especially in today’s world. Most people want to find their soulmate but find it difficult to do so, especially if they haven’t dated for a while or have had unsuccessful dating experiences. I offer my clients individual and personalized help to navigate the waters of dating and develop the effective skills to successful dating.
Family forms a big part of who we are as individuals. When those family dynamics are disturbed, it can have a ripple effect into our everyday lives. As a relationship coach, I help you navigate the waters of feeling rejected by family, family conflict, and unhealthy dependencies so that you can have...
One of the biggest lies that successful women struggle with is the belief that you can have it all – successful career and a successful romantic relationship. I help my clients overcome the false beliefs and create strategies to eliminate the road blocks that’s been keeping her from truly having it all and living the life she truly deserves.


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